Freehand Life

Freehand Life

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Life by Design

Freehanding is the technique of drawing without guiding tools or templates.  Many people exist in a Life by Default, carrying on that timeworn stencil for various reasons.

This site explores a Life by Design. No more following traditional road maps restricted by one-size-fits-most.  It’s about mindful choices and peaceful emptiness.  It’s our daily trials and triumphs to forge our legacy, and what keeps us going to make it happen.

This body of work is dedicated to the mavericks.  Autonomous, old-school authentic, equally agile via our mind, heart, and hands.  We like the esoteric quirks and nuances between the grand and mundane.  We seek, create, and give meaning around our community.  We’re a small group who resonate at a different frequency, hoping to connect to a grander harmony.

Inspiration.  Innovation.  Art.  Reference the blueprint. Then design your own lifeprint.


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life by design, designing life. the freehanding technique totally resonates with me. thanks for the inspiration.


July 23, 2011

very nice. seems to be the approach behind ‘remote viewing’ on a different scale. Onward! Jerry

Performance Gallery

November 9, 2011

Just a lovely find. Glad to know you exist somewhere. I am continually finding myself discomforted and disoriented in the world, full as it is with corporate design, and living- by -numbers. (Remember the old painting kits?.


November 10, 2011

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