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What’s Your One Verb to Innovate?

February 16, 2015

The essence behind every innovation simply lies in its verb.

Forget those verbose corporate Mission Statements.

Just boil it down to one verb.verb

So, what’s the core action behind your idea?

Behind any action is the quest to help people.

It’s a valuable offering to help humanity solve a problem or to bring joy for the sake of goodness.

If you help people, everything else (insert #money #fame) should fall into place…

Today is as good as any day to create something.

Below are 31 starter verbs for your inspiration, one for each day of the month.

It’s like having that underwear pack for each day of the week, only better.

  1. Simplifies
  2. Strengthens
  3. Connects
  4. Coordinates
  5. Enables
  6. Enhances
  7. Automates
  8. Bundles
  9. Teaches
  10. Entertains
  11. Increases
  12. Decreases
  13. Restores
  14. Re-imagines
  15. Grows
  16. Produces
  17. Organizes
  18. Cleans
  19. Combines
  20. Separates
  21. Captures
  22. Stores
  23. Transmits
  24. Identifies
  25. Starts
  26. Stops
  27. Minimizes
  28. Measures
  29. Checks
  30. Alerts
  31. Tracks


This Is Your Life

August 5, 2011

Spot-on & excellent typography!

Credit: Unknown.