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Dear Santa…

December 10, 2011 , ,

Dear Santa,

I want simplicity for Christmas.

Please bring us simplicity so that we may slow down, soak up and love deeper.  We’ve been good gnomes.

We’d be able to study what accents our nature and pay off reasonable school loans by legal means.

We could craft meaningful, creative occupations that improves our community and enables enjoyable living.

I could walk the dog at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoons without guilt because my work is autonomous and flexible.

Many of us could afford a house that’s not prefabricated and located by the train tracks.

Parents can let their kids play in the dirt at the park and safely walk home alone after dark.

We’d have time to cook instead defaulting to take out after a long commute.  Better yet, we could work from home while connected to high caliber peers around the world.

No, simple living isn’t boring.  Simplicity transcends class, culture and countries.  It’s an intuitive feeling of satisfaction that endures through time and technology. It comes down to having the time and means to enjoy shared experiences with people who matter.

We promise not to take simplicity for granted like another half-hearted New Year’s resolution. I realize you have a limited supply chain and unionized elves up in the North Pole.  If simplicity is too complex, I’d be happy with a motorized train set that loops around the tracks.


Gnome Gnome

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Well said. Coincidentally, simplicity was a dinner topic with some fellow hikers from Meetup tonight.

I didn’t know the elves were unionized. 🙂

Uy Nguyen

December 10, 2011

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