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I Dream of Airstreams

March 2, 2012 , , , ,

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Drool. That’s what I did as I sauntered through each vintage Airstream trailer interior.

It was the last day of the 11-day 2012 Modernism Week in Palm Springs, CA.  Driving to this desert oasis goes something like this: rock, sand, road, rock, sand, road, windmill, windmill, windmill, fabulous city!  If Las Vegas is the slutty vixen, Palm Springs is her mod artist sister.

I have just lusted over having my own bright aluminum Jelly Belly for years.  It’s an irrational love for the look, feel, and overall coolness.  I finally had a chance to walk through interiors from owners and to hear their stories.  No, this isn’t the kind of rehab where many rock stars end up.  This kind of rehab yearns for total transformation, yet preservation.  Give me vintage or give me nothing.

One couple took their baby across 21 states in 3 months.  Another woman enthusiastically showed us her icebox, not an electrical refrigerator.   The belle of the ball was the Deco Liner where its drivable from the top exterior and is completely designed by the owners.

The interiors varied from a surrounding warm cherry wood to an ultramodern modern, loft-like interior.  I had never seen an open trailer, which completely collapses down or a modified 2002T Bimmer used to tow a trailer.

I fell in love with the petite, 18-foot Bambi model.  I wouldn’t actually tow my future Bambi.  I can’t even parallel park well so towing anything would be a certain disaster.

I want to park my Bambi in my backyard and convert it into a mini getaway space.  A literary writing room?  Relaxing Zen sanctuary? Perhaps a chill lounge? How about an artist studio?

Dream. Lust. Repeat.

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