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Life in a Nutshell According to Winnie-the-Pooh

March 24, 2012 , , , , , ,

Eeyore: Sigh.  How am I ever going to get out of this Thousand Acre Woods, Pooh? What can I truly do in this short life? I am but a depressed donkey.

Winnie-the-Pooh: Well, my emo friend, your general place in the big world falls into 5 puzzle pieces.

Natural Wiring: everyone is born with innate, undeniable wiring, which expresses through his or her natural disposition and penchant.  Visual learners.  Compulsive organizers.  Effervescent talkers.

Nurturing & Schooling: we grow up with our natural wiring around some verisimilitude of family and hopefully get a dash of education.  Although we can’t blame irascible parents for everything, we cannot expect the world based solely on a university or high school degree either.

Lifestyle: as we work like dogs to earn an independent living, we ponder various lifestyles when the silence fills the dark space.  What’s the meaning of that jet set life versus persisting as the bare boned artist? The pulse of the singleton, married, parent, and divorced beat differently.

Legacy: what can you leave ultimately behind in this world? Well-rounded offspring? Bleeding edge software systems? Perhaps a tree, poem or recipe? Years of different lifestyles can default, vapidly accumulate or be purposely designed.  How will the world be better, worse, or indifferent after your blip?

Randomness: this is the Universe’s wild card.  It’s the unpredictable curve balls like freak storms, winning the lottery, or beating cancer.

Take all of these pieces and hit the spin cycle to get this:

Eeyore: Pooh, you’re telling me that life looks like a bad paint ball fight?  Gosh, I’m really screwed.

Winnie-the-Pooh:  life isn’t a pot of hunny all the time, Eeyore.  The adventure lies in forging your own creation from what you’ve been dealt with and what you solely construct.  It’s a wild mix.  The point is to go get dirty and to have fun while trying.

Eeyore: Wow.  All I’ve been trying to do is keep my own tail on.  I’ve never looked at life like this before.  You’re my best friend, Pooh.

Pooh: you’re my best buddy, too, Eeyore.  Let’s go harass Piglet.  Got your tail?

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