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The Art of Slowing Down

May 18, 2012 , , ,

It’s insidious how it creeps up and permeates your life as the norm: The Instantaneous Schedule. Four hours of sleep from the energy drink while gulping down the fast food lunch on the way to the third meeting across town about another meeting for the 4PM deadline that’s late for the team waiting in France for immediate broadcast, hoping the sister picks up your daughter and dog before you bring home pizza for dinner.

E x h a l e…

E x h a l e some more…

As society speeds up, it’s actually more urgent that we slow down. The current pace of change, competition, and consumerism in developed countries can easily create burned out 10 year-olds now.

Since we have Meatless Mondays, why not start Slow Down Sundays?

It’s not radical living off the grid, wearing self-made animal skins while foraging in the wilderness. It’s not just sitting around doing nothing for extended, mind-numbing hours.

Slowing down is deliberate.

Slowing down is selective.

Slowing down is simplifying.

I’m unconvinced of all the different factions of the Slow Movement. For example, can Slow Fashion really be practical? What is Slow Art exactly?

Instead, simply pause and ponder for whatever works for you. Studies have shown that more creative ideas emerge when we relax our minds.

Some Super Slow Stuff for Any Day

  1. Sleep in| repair and rejuvenate.
  2. Meditate| the fuzzy time in between sleeping and waking up is an ideal time to meditate.
  3. Make breakfast from scratch| have fun nurturing yourelf and others
  4. Write a long lost friend a snail mail letter… with a fountain pen or manual typewriter| everyone loves snail mail + help out the postal service.
  5. Ride a bike| notice the sights, sounds, and streets previously sectioned off while in cars.
  6. Walk an unfamiliar route | it’s muscle confusion for your regular tendencies.
  7. Lie down on a grassy field to gaze at the sun slowly setting| go to your happy place.
  8. Plant anything| you created a new life’s blossom.
  9. Sketch the first thing that intrigues you| take the time to notice the nooks and crannies.
  10. Slow cook dinner| savor that braised flavor… yum.

Slowing down means disconnecting to be connected deeper… Heck, it’s not even about a list of slow things to do. Rather, it’s about a mindset and a confidence that it’s okay to take the time. It’s a quiet assuredness to set your own pace against the tide to ultimately enjoy more. That’s the art.

What do you think?

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Encore. Couldn’t agree more.


May 19, 2012

Thank you! Happy Slow Down Sunday to you ;o)


May 19, 2012

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