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Rad Idea> Global Press Institute: Real, Powerful Journalism

October 22, 2013 , , , ,

Challenge: international news desks steadily dwindle, while journalists continually battle to get access due to  language, cultural, and historical barriers behind stories.

Idea: train local, native women to be reporters in developing countries to craft heavy weight stories, published by dozens of paying global news agencies.

Key Radness: journalism as a scalable tool to break poverty

  1. Brings to light stories otherwise buried in deeply social political quagmires
  2. Provides jobs and voices for women who increases her family’s social economics
  3. Strengthens the local and international community as each byline leaves a literary legacy

Who: Cristi Hegranes founded Global Press Institute when she was 25, working as an international correspondent in Nepal.  Although she learned Nepalese, other journalists did not, which shuttered an entire outlet.  The social entrepreneur got her bold idea while talking to a local Nepalese matriarch.  Upon returning to the States, she quit her newspaper day job to create this win-win ecosystem.

How:  Hegranes and a dedicated crew of 11 people in San Francisco have trained over 130 women in 26 countries, providing content to over 50 major syndication partners.  Dozens of accolades decorate the writers and the GPI group.

Go Further: read the women’s articles from continental news desks at Global Press Journal

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